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Financial Aid


Financial Aid

Student Visions works diligently with the Financial Aid Office on behalf of its students. The program provides an opportunity where the student chooses up to five colleges or universities that each Student Visions student is interested in attending to assure the student and parents receive proper attention and develop a good relationship from the financial aid personnel involved. This is made possible because we:

  1. Contact the selected financial aid offices to determine the correct person in each institution to address information as to such student.
  2. Provide such financial aid counselor with the student’s complete profile, with picture.
  3. Update such profile quarterly to assure the school is aware of the student’s financial need, progress, areas of interest (because some scholarships and grants are directed to selected areas of interest), and qualifications.
  4. Provide the student and parents with teleconferencing capability which allows the student and parent’s direct contact with the proper financial aid personnel to answer questions, provide direction and gain a better relationship with such person.

The early and continuing contact with the financial aid counselor at each college or university creates a more positive relationship between the student and financial aid officer, prevents miscommunication, and result in a better financial aid package for the student.