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Once a student is enrolled in our program, our counselors contact scholarship providers for academic excellence, the business community and government agencies on behalf of the student to enhance the opportunity for scholarships and/or grants to attend the college of his/her choice. We also provide the student with valuable information on how to become eligible for and locate other financial assistance.

We work diligently with various academic organizations, honor societies and the business community to obtain financial assistance for students. We network with agencies that provide financial services to minority and other under represented students.

Each college has a variety of scholarships available. Most provide stipends for tuition, fees, texts, and in some cases living expenses. Your student visions counselor will help you select and apply for scholarships that best fit your interests and qualifications. A sample scholarship application form is available for you to view.

Although we cannot guarantee that students will win a scholarship, we encourage our students to apply for scholarship that they are eligible for by completing the college application form and submitting the requested information to the school of his/her choice.

Other forms of financial aid might be available to the student, such as PEL grants, Federal Guaranteed loans, and Veterans Benefits. Your student visions counselor will help you apply for aid as needed.