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Each Student Visions student provides us with a list of five colleges or universities the student is interested in attending. Student Visions provides the following services, each of which is designed to provide the student greater visibility to and positive recognition from the Admissions personnel:

  1. Student Visions establishes contact with each institution to assure that the student is in touch with the correct Admissions person at the school.
  2. Student Visions provides the Admissions personnel with the student’s complete profile, which includes a picture designed to familiarize the admissions counselor with the student.
  3. The profile is updated and sent quarterly to assure that the admissions counselor is aware of the student’s continuing progress.
  4. Student Visions provides the student and parents with the opportunity for video and teleconferencing so the student and parents can communicate directly with Admissions personnel.

This process allows our staff to establish a relationship with Admissions counselors to provide the student with the best fit for the student and the college.