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Getting Started

Welcome to Student Visions

In order to set up your account, we need to know some things about you. Please read the list of services offered below to determine how we can be of assistance to you. Clicking a link will take you to a page with additional information on each program. This information will help you determine how to proceed with the registration process.

Please note that you will be subject to verification of your identity, status and place of employment before you will be allowed to visit our secure pages. This is for the protection of the privacy rights of our students.

We offer the following programs and services:

Students: If you are a student, we need to know if you would like to participate in our full program, take only our continuing educations courses, or do both. Click these links to find out more.
Continuing Education: You are welcome to take our Continuing Education courses even if you are not enrolled in our full program.
For a list of courses, select the link below.
Coaches: Select our link below.
Employers: If you are looking for a student to work in your business, select these links to find out more.
Philanthropists: If you would like to donate money, services, products or time to our organization, click here to find where we need your help.

If you need more information about us and our services that was not available above, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Now that you know “who you are,” you can proceed to registration at create account.