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UN of Young Ambassadors


The United Nations of Young Ambassadors

The United Nations of Young Ambassadors Programme

One aspect of our organization is the United Nations of Young Ambassadors Programme. This program was founded so that selected American and foreign high school student representatives can come together to learn, respect and experience the dynamics of different peoples cultures, customs, and religious beliefs. Through discussions with each other, the student ambassadors will demonstrate good will and generosity for all peoples, and gain perspective on their own lives, communities, and countries. They will better understand and accept the differences and rejoice in their commonalities. In this way a foundation of understanding is established to help build a deeper appreciation of humanity that can bring about global peace.

Each year, approximately thirty of the Ambassadors will be selected to receive training at The United Nations for one week. Students will train in diplomacy, international relations, UN sanctions, history, ethics, and other topics. Selections will be based on full participation in our program (including completed individual and global projects), academic achievement, good citizenship, and leadership potential.

Applicant Requirements for United Nations of Young Ambassadors Programme:

   (1) Be a student enrolled in an accredited high school         

   (2) Be 15-17 years of age         

   (3) Have an interest in International Affairs or government                    

   (4) Be a Student Visions member in good standing (Code of Conduct)

   (5) Have a GPA of 3.5 or higher

   (6) Have official sealed transcripts sent by their school directly to Student Visions

   (7) Write a 500-1000 word essay

   (8) Have three recommendations (see application for more details)

* For more information on the United Nations trip to New York and costs please click on UN itinerary.