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Afterschool Programs

Afterschool Programs

Student Visions is dedicated to helping students achieve in and out of the classroom. Our programs at George, Lane, and Binnsmead Middle Schools focus on reading and mathematics. This is not homework help. We are building a strong academic foundation for future success. With 80% of students in our program showing significant improvement, our programs work.

Students in grades 6 through 8 can receive intensive instruction in reading or mathematics in one of our afterschool programs. One hour sessions are offered twice a week, on campus, directly after school. Individual attention will be given to each student, with programs being run in a small group format, with of up to 10 students.

Reading programs will start with phonics lessons designed to jump start students ability to recognize and read new words. The following weeks will feature short story of passage reading for fluency and understanding.

Math programs will be based on foundation concepts of math that will help student understand and perform better on their current and future work in and out of the classroom.

These programs are free for qualifying students at George, Lane, and Binnsmead Middle Schools. To see if you qualify please contact us.