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When she was three years old, Elena Hillier saw an injured man lying on a New York City sidewalk. Other than stepping over him, people were ignoring him and his condition. Deeply affected by this experience, Elena was determined to right this injustice. Over the years, she developed a vision of a better world where people could focus on and practice what is really important in life - compassion for others.

Student Visions is Ms. Hillier’s vision – a means toward a more caring, compassionate society. The program is structured to help students of all ages from all walks of life to achieve academic success for themselves and to extend the same compassion to others that has been given to them.

Today, Ms. Hillier has sought out people and funding to make the reality of this vision possible. Her ability to see the best in others brings a diverse and qualified group to this program who not only share this vision, but who are dedicated to bringing it to fruition.

Office: Suite 330
Phone: 503-977-1734
Email: ehillier@studentvisions.org